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Homosany offers a wide range of specialist services from financial and investment advice to valuation, business planning and auctions
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Business Planning
Our Homosany Valuation & Advisory experts provide a comprehensive range of single and portfolio valuations, market appraisals and consultancy services across both commercial and residential sectors.

With a wide skill set spanning commercial and specialist sectors, residential and agricultural properties, we have the ability

to draw upon our significant network of Capital Markets, Leasing, Occupier and Research industry specialists, allowing us

to add value for our clients, rather than merely reporting.

Homosany provides extensive valuation services to financial institutions, lenders, private individuals funds, property

companies and the public sector

Our dedicated residential valuation team of over 15 registered valuers, with local specialism covering all major areas across Egypt & UAE.
Our processes incorporate verification of data, such as title deeds, inspections, measurements, property due diligence, market comparisons, detailed valuation methodology and the use of valuation models, where appropriate. This is supported by our regional coverage.

Director-led valuations for every type of client.

Each valuation is led by directors individually, with over a quarter of a century of experience, who are directly involved with every instruction, no matter the size or type of project.

We can confidently offer clients, such as banks, bespoke lenders and private offices, a fully personalised, focused and senior level of service and commitment.

Our team provides valuation services with a primary focus on the main commercial sectors, covering offices, retail and industrial, for a variety of purposes and clients.
We are experts in all aspects of the valuation process, whether it is for loan security, accounts or as expert witness. We always stick closely to our clients’ instructions, while also working in tandem with the suite of complementary skills within the Homosany teams, including investment, planning, development and research where needed.

We have built strong and long-lasting professional relationships with a comprehensive client base‭, ‬that covers banks‭, ‬private companies‭, ‬prominent families‭, ‬solicitors‭, ‬developers and many more‭. ‬

With over 100‭ ‬professional and experienced valuers working across Egypt and UAE‭, ‬our reach is vast while our knowledge is broad‭.‬‭ ‬We pride ourselves on offering a valuation service that is based on robust and transparent processes which satisfy compliance requirements‭, ‬as well as ensuring that deadlines are met‭. ‬The experience and expertise of our team result in valuations that are‭ ‬fitting for the current market‭.‬

Our industrial and warehouse valuation expertise covers all of Egypt and UAE, with a particular focus on property inspections, due diligence and market enquiries.
We pride ourselves on providing accurate and well-supported valuations, backed up by the extensive knowledge and up-to-date insight of Homosany research team. In every scenario, our focus is on client communication and delivery of valuation reports that are efficient and effective, so that clients are always in command of real-time information when it matters most.

A proven track record in helping clients with valuations of all sizes of industrial and distribution warehouse property‭.‬

Our team offers specialist valuations services across the whole healthcare property sector, including primary and long-term care, including specialist and retirement living.
Specialising in health-related properties, we provide expert advice across the whole healthcare property lifecycle, from development through to trading entities and investments. The types of properties we cover include care homes; specialist facilities for younger adults; children’s homes; acute and psychiatric units, primary care facilities, private hospitals.

Dedicated healthcare specialists providing accurate‭, ‬market-centred‭, ‬bespoke valuations‭.‬

This work is carried out on behalf of a wide range of clients‭, ‬from financial institutions to banks‭, ‬and from housing associations to developers‭. ‬With such a broad client base‭, ‬we make sure that we tailor our services to meet every client and every project’s needs‭.‬

Homosany’s dedicated Hospitality team provides market focused valuation services for hotel owners, financial institutions, asset managers, and investors alike in making informed decisions, reviewing opportunities, mitigating risks, and making strategic plans throughout the lifecycle of the hotel asset.
Our extensive experience and deep understanding of the regional capital and investment sectors, market dynamics, and the hospitality asset’s current and potential performance, allows us to provide reliable valuation advice tailored to your need.

All our valuations are undertaken by qualified Registered Valuers‭ ‬–‭ ‬We strictly follow the Homosany’s‭ ‬“Valuation Best Practice Procedures”‭.‬

We recognise that reputation and trust are paramount‭. ‬Our unflinching integrity is the hallmark of our reputation and clear communication and openness engenders trust‭.‬

Our team focuses on hotels and similar properties which are acquired‭, ‬disposed and valued by reference to their trading potential‭. ‬Our focus is extensive‭, ‬reaching from Egypt to the Middle East and Africa‭.‬

Our experts specialised is in the valuation of all types and sizes of office buildings across Egypt.
Whatever sort of office or business space is in the spotlight, we deliver valuation reports that include property inspections, due diligence and market enquires, among a whole suite of research we conduct. With over 100 Registered Valuers on hand, we are able to cover the Egypt and UAE with this service. Armed with extensive experience and expertise, the team also works closely with the rest of the Homosanynetwork, including an in-house research team who offer current market insights to help the team deliver accurate and well-supported valuations.

Our team has a strong focus on client communication and we ensure that our valuations are always delivered on time‭. ‬

We have an excellent reputation for providing accurate and well-supported valuations in a professional manner‭, ‬reinforced by the‭ ‬high levels of repeat business we enjoy from clients such as banks‭, ‬private equity investors and pension funds‭.‬

Tailor your business plan for potential investors
A well-defined business plan forms the blueprint of your business, outlining your strategy, then showing how this can be achieved. It is also an indispensable tool when seeking external finance or investment.
It’s a fact - if you are in business you need a business plan.
The better the plan, the more likely your business will be a success.
The team at Homosany can help you to think in depth about your business and bring real clarity to planning for everything you want to achieve.more likely your business will be a success.

- Set out trading milestones

- Project your income and expenditure

- Maximise tax efficiency

- Work out your personal financial

- Check your progress

- Forecast next steps

- Adjust plans as needed

But for many business trying to adhere to this whilst running the business is a continual juggling act
Business plans are one of the easiest ways to create and implement a strategy that will help you achieve your business goals.
BIt does’t matter whether you’re looking to reduce overheads or grow your business, Homosany’s business planning services will help you reach your desired goals. Our consultants can create comprehensive business plans, no matter the size and requirements of your organisations.
Land & Property Auctions

Our Land & Property Auctions are managed by the experienced Land & Property Departments. The Land and Property Department offers auction solutions to buyers and sellers across the whole of Egypt and UAE as well as international Properties.

Homosany Auctions can manage a wide range of land and property for both private sellers and financial institutions, providing an all-round, hassle- free property experience from start to finish.

From valuation to instruction, organising viewings, handling deposits, liaising with solicitors in preparing and distributing the legal packs to marketing, advertising and conducting the auction.